ESTRENO: “Cycles (The Days Get Longer)” from Code Orange Kids’ upcoming 7″

For my 25th post I wanted to do something very special, and luckily things worked out and I’m able to share with you something that will very well shape the future of this blog and others for years to come..

About a year ago we played Girlfight’s CD release show in Pittsburgh. They told us that their young friends were opening the show, a band called Code Orange Kids. They truly were young, and I half expected to hear a bad-mallxcore set. But, as they began to play I quickly learned my lesson, to never judge a band by their youth. They played one of the most punishing sets I’ve ever witnessed, and pretty much made it senseless for the rest of the bands to play that night. Next March when we rolled through Pittsburgh again the quartet joined us again, and once again they destroyed all. Their set that night was so intense it was honestly frightening. They bleed integrity, they mean every note they play. There’s an honestly in their music that I thought was only written about in fiction, and it is reassuring to see such promise in such a young band.

Since then I’ve watched the band grow even more. They wrote and recorded an amazing cassette tape, wowed the Midwest on their first tour through and now have recorded one of the most exciting releases to happen in hardcore this year. I am extremely honored and proud to bring you now, “Cycles (The Days Get Longer)” from their debut 7″, “Cycles,” due out this year on Mayfly Records.

“Cycles” will be available from Mayfly Records this fall.

I urge you to get behind this band. They are the most promising group I’ve come across in a long time and they have a very promising future ahead of them.


3 Responses to “ESTRENO: “Cycles (The Days Get Longer)” from Code Orange Kids’ upcoming 7″”

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  2. Joe Valente Says:

    these fellas are fan-fucking-tastic.

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